Luís VICENTETrumpet
José Miguel PEREIRADouble Bass
Marcelo DOS REISNylon String Guitar


Música com raízes no jazz e num certo « folclore imaginário », típico do jazz feito
deste lado do atlântico e que não estabelece distinções entre a proveniência do material do qual se constrói a música.
In the Frame trio there are no traditional rhythmical section,
the group presents itself as an invocation of something lost on Eric Dolphy´s Iron Man or as one search of new directions.
The aim of trumpeter Luís Vicente, guitar player Marcelo dos Reis and bassist José Miguel Pereira,
 is to ignore pre-set conventions, except to remember the shape of jazz to come.
So there is no formal percussion section and the “lead” instruments do not necessarily lead.
The music harks back to free jazz and chamber music but it is totally modern, predicting what’s coming about exploration, creating new music in real time.
Vicente/Pereira/Reis have been working together in many different projects, reaching now one new level in their interaction with this Frame trio,
putting together all the ideas from the other experiments in just one picture, in a single Frame.

Luís Vicente (Lisbon, 1979) is one of the most active trumpet players in Portugal,
moving himself between traditional jazz to the electronic music and free improvisation, recently was released his first record as leader, “Outeiro” (JACC Records).
In the last years he played in dozens of venues and festivals in Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.



Marcelo dos Reis (Lisbon, 1984) He is one proeminent voice in the Portuguese creative music scene.
 After studying formally music he decided to get into the improvised and experimental music,
 in this field he had the opportunity of play and work with : Elliott Sharp, Burton Greene,
Burkhard Beins, Manuel Mota, Liz Allbee, Evan Parker, Klára Doležálková, Carlos « Zíngaro »,
 Toshimaru Nakamura, Théo Ceccaldi, Werner Dafeldecker, Kátia Sá, Angélica Salvi amongst many others.



José Miguel Pereira (Viseu, 1979) is member of a numerous different projects,
including the Open Field String Trio (with Marcelo dos Reis) with forthcoming works with pianists Burton Greene,
Tiago Sousa and with Fail Better! Quintet. The opportunity of crossing experiments with key figures of the free improvisation such as Evan Parker,
Lawrence « Butch » Morris, Jason Hwang and William Winant have been crutial for his instrumental language development, admittedly not academic.


Théo Ceccaldi – Marcelo dos Reis – José Miguel Pereira – Luís Vicente, Recorded at Jazz ao Centro – Coimbra ,24th April 2012